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Summer 2011

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For some people, happiness appears to be a reflection of the weather. “Good weather” means happiness and “bad weather” means misery. Living in the Midwest region of the United States, I am accustomed to the experience of each season and prefer to embrace each one, to love it for what it is rather than to hate it for what it is not.

Summer 2011 was hot. But even excessive heat need not mean that we should hide.

There was nevertheless plenty of opportunity for cooking outside. We had baseball games. We had visits to COSI. We had opera in nearby Cincinnati. Jazz dinners at the Refectory. Trips to the park. Dinner in the city. Brunch in the country.

On many mornings I saw the sun rise over cloud cover from the window of an airplane. I saw Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and Jacksonville, Florida.

In many ways summer was not easy. But it was good.

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