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God, Inc.

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Filmmaker Francis Stokes delivers a hit straight to audiences.

The Internet has long surprised me with its content: the more junk that I wade through, the more good stuff I find. This is largely how I must describe my experience with YouTube. After seeing video after video of piffle, I began to wonder if any of the platform's potential might be realized. I then stumbled across the sitcom that considered what it would be like to work in the corporate office actually responsible for running the world.

God, Inc.” is the name of the show. Its premise is ridiculous and somehow familiar. The departments include publicity (religions), product development (creation of new plant and animal species), and miracles (when the odds are really stacked against something they step in—just to keep things interesting). The cast of characters includes all of the sorts of personalities that you're likely to find in a large organization. There's the hard-driving middle manager, the office nerd, the bored underachiever, and the new employee trying to make sense of all that's going on around her. There's even a guy who steals other people's lunches.

In the end, it's just plain funny.

“God, Inc.” managed to get not just high ratings on YouTube, but caught the attention of some others who took special interest. Earlier this year, Francis Stokes reported on his Web site that the show had been sold to the SciFi Channel. It's great news for people interested in seeing the Internet achieve its potential as an equalizer, breaking down the sorts of barriers that keep otherwise good talent from reaching the audience that would enjoy it.

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