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Illiterate Scribbles

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Giving most people an audience demonstrates only that they really have nothing to say. It would be one thing if emptiness were delivered in a form of great style, but in fact it turns out that most of the scribbles I've seen have been sadly lacking in both.

Some of my favorites are where someone can boil down what he has to say to a single word. It's pretty bad when you reduce everything so radically and then can't be bothered to spell the one word you write properly. My favorite of this variety was seen recently:


Then there is the topical spew. The morning after the State of California executed convicted murderer and reformed gang leader Stanley “Tookie” Williams, I noticed some apparently-fresh gang-related scribbles. (Perhaps it was more coincidental than topical, as Tookie was a co-founder of Crips. Nevertheless, the timing was significant.)

It's all about Bloods
22nd Blood

Then there's the scribbling of one's adopted name, group, or history upon someone else's property:

Young Jizzle—a star dotting the “i.”
Hardy Boyz—with the “a” written as a star.
From that SFG '05 Blood Line

And there's my personal favorite:

Takin Over All Sides

I hate to break it to Young Jizzle and his Hardy Boyz, but if proclamations of your greatness are your own scribbles with a marker on the back of a bus seat, you're not taking over anything. Best to start with taking over control of your own instincts with the development of some character and channeling some of that energy into something worth noticing and remembering.

And finally, “poetry:”

Can't Stop
Want [sic] Stop
Til My
Casket Drop [sic]

Well, there's no arguing with that.

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Last modified 2006-10-18 11:48 PM
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