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On-time arrival with a side of elevated blood pressure.

The morning air was relatively cool, perhaps in the low seventies. Already humid, the day would become unpleasantly hot later in the day, when the temperature would reach easily into the eighties. Just to keep things interesting, scattered thunderstorms were to appear all throughout the day.

At six thirty-eight in the morning, Mr. Sleeveless Shirt boarded the bus. His reddened skin suggested that he had seen quite a lot of the Ohio summer. The state of his shirt and jeans suggested that he had another day of hard work ahead of him. The unlit cigarette in his hand suggested that he would not be comfortable for long without taking in a stream of nicotine.

Oddly, the bus made few stops as it made its way downtown from the east side of Columbus. With fewer stops, the driver would have to go slowly to avoid running ahead of schedule. That's just what he did, much to the chagrin of Mr. Sleeveless Shirt. The latter fidgeted and looked at the time displaying at the front of the bus before letting out a sigh. After staring out the window for an uneasy thirty seconds or so, he looked back at the time to see that not even a minute had gone buy. Sigh. Repeat.

After several iterations of this cycle, Mr. Sleeveless Shirt became more agitated, apparently being disappointed with our pace. Were I to guess, I would have to imagine that he thought that we should run along the route at whatever speed we could muster, and should we run ahead of schedule, so be it. Shuffle. Look around. Sigh.

At last, he was able to put the still-unlit cigarette to his lips and disembark at his stop, Main and Grant. Exactly on time.

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