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Just when I thought I had heard every format out there, along comes a new station.

On Friday, December 7, I found myself driving from Columbus to Toledo. Just in case things weren't interesting enough with a snowstorm that was several hours in progress, I decided to scan the radio to see what might be on at the absurd hour during which I was beginning my travels.

I discovered a new station on broadcasting at 106.7 FM, playing the theme from The Dukes of Hazzard. Then the theme from The Muppet Show. And CHiPs. Did I mention Mr. Ed? “What in the world is this?” thought I. Not long after, I got my answer.

“TV 106.7,” said the voice. “Television without all of the video and plot lines.”

A whole station format dedicated to television theme songs. Wow. And just in case TV was too much for you to handle with the video and (gasp) plot lines, now you can tune in just to hear the most passive bit of it all. I just don't know what to make of it.

Some poking around led me to a story in The Other Paper. (I missed that issue—I've been a little busy lately.) Apparently the new station is WMRN, now owned by Clear Channel (which has six other stations in town). Previously WMRN was a country station operating out of Marion and the present format is not meant to stay. It's just a lark, despite the TV 106.7 Web site. Unfortunately, the choice of 106.7 FM for broadcasting creates a bit of a problem for some listeners who would rather be listening to public radio station WCBE, which is heard around Columbus at 90.5 FM, but had some listening at 106.7.

The “real” format will be launched on Thursday, December 13. No word on what it will be, only that it won't be country.

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