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Family Upgrade

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Big news this week in the Curtin household.

C. Matthew and Nicole M. Curtin
are pleased to announce the birth of their first son,
Charles Alexander.

Alex's mug shot

Alex was born on at five-thirteen in the afternoon on Tuesday, the twenty-eighth of November 2006 in Columbus, Ohio. Both he and mother Nicole are doing well, settling in at home. All of us would like to thank our friends, family, and colleagues for the flowers, gifts, and visits. Email and other asynchronous greetings are welcome; please hold calls and visits until we've had a chance to get settled into some sort of routine that includes sleep.

Vital stats on Alex: seven pounds and seven ounces, nineteen inches long. Labor proceeded quickly; Nicole awoke at roughly four-thirty in the morning; about five hours later we arrived at the hospital. Three and a half hours later, we were in the process of being admitted and phone calls were placed to alert the family.

A few relatively minor post-delivery issues were addressed and we got to leave on Friday, making it home in time for our Friday night ritual of pizza from Rubino's. We are now easing into a new phase of life and quite happy about it.

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