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Or, how to save money.

Why accidentally conversations, particularly when you can't see the people speaking, are some of my favorite bits of dialog.

I overheard the voice of one forty-something man speaking to someone else. “Sorry, I can't go. I don't drink in January.”

“At all?”

“Not at all.”

“I bet that they're missing you over at [bar].”

“Yeah. Last year about two weeks into January I got a call from the owner. He said, ‘Hey, did we do something to offend you?’ I explained to him and said I'd be back soon enough. He said, ‘Good! We're about three bottles heavy on Johnny Walker Black!’ I told him that we'd take care of that in February. Ha!”

“Man, you can probably drop ten pounds in a month doing that!”

“Yeah. I also save about a thousand bucks!”

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