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The Window Puncher

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His faded blue jeans tuck unevenly into the top of his tattered black boots. His black leather jacket is well-worn, his face several days unshaved, and his head covered with a bandanna. He is rugged and tough. He is the Window Puncher.

Late this afternoon, he was walking eastbound on the south side of Long Street and didn't much feel like waiting for the "WALK" signal before crossing Third Street. Being new year's eve but some time before the "Long Street Circus" was scheduled to begin, the traffic was light, and he probably thought that he could get across the street without too much trouble. So he and his white-haired friend began to walk across Third.

A driver in the right most lane of Long Street (which is an eastbound one-way street) was about that time turning right on to Third Street. The pedestrians obviously took great exception to the invasion of their personal space by a motorist. The younger of the two then did what he likely does a lot of: he attempts to get his way through the use of intimidation and force.

When his attempt to stare down the driver failed, the leather-clad pedestrian demonstrated his tremendous understanding of physics with a punch to the rear passenger-side window of the car as it passed him. He then went on his way across Third Street.

That's when the driver--tall, with a shaved head, rain coat, and suit--pulled to the side and got out of his car. He took several steps toward Mr. Window Puncher and called him back with a flash of his badge and a demand for identification. From the driver's appearance and his car, I inferred that he's a Columbus Police detective. From the look on Mr. Window Puncher's face when we went by the spot several minutes later after arriving at our car and driving home, I inferred that he was in some trouble. His cigarette probably calmed him down a bit. Fortunate, since the driver by this point was now talking to a uniformed Columbus Police officer, clearly interested in the proceedings.

I wonder if the Window Puncher will welcome in 2005 from a jail cell. The thought is amusing until I consider that it's my tax dollars that would house and feed the Mindless Wonder.

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Last modified 2005-06-12 06:09 PM
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