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National Pride

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Apparently every nation's citizenry has a particular point of pride.

A friend of mine is from Kazakhstan and is of such an age that he grew up in the Soviet Union, even having done a tour in the Soviet army. Since that time, he has worked in a number of industries and capacities though to my knowledge none has been scientific.

One day he saw me in a shirt with the periodic table of the elements printed on it and said, “Mendelev!” I thought it curious that someone with no particular interest in science would know anything about the periodic chart. “I don't know anything about it except that it was created by Mendelev, a Russian,” he explained.

That a Russian invented the periodic table was a matter of national pride, I told another friend of mine some years later.

“Of course it is,” he told me. “Just like it's a matter of national pride that we invented everything else.”

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