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Business Model

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Stupidity in advertising.

Regular readers of this site know that I am no fan of stupid ads and that I have high regard for precision in speech. Far be it from me, however, not go give credit where it is due.

In this particular case, I wish to offer my most heartfelt congratulations to Boost Worldwide, Inc., and the geniuses behind the firm's advertising in particular. In a single full-page ad, I had no question whatsoever about the service advertised, despite the fact that it was completely content-free, offering not a single word about the service advertised.

A single look at the slogan, which appears in the ad with the logo as in the picture nearby, tells the whole story. I can honestly say without any hesitation that Boost Mobile doesn't want me as a customer and that I don't want the service. In a nutshell, their offer has nothing to do with mobile service. What they're offering is image—one that I don't need.

It seems perfectly clear to me that the business model of Boost Mobile can be simply surmised by an idiom, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

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Last modified 2007-09-29 07:57 PM
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