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Ingrid Fliter at the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Conduced by James Gaffigan

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I think that a moderate spring evening stands a better than average chance of turning out quite well. Line up an excellent dinner with good company and you'll move the odds still further in your favor. Include a trip to see the Columbus Symphony Orchestra with pianist Ingrid Fliter and guest conductor James Gaffigan and you'll guarantee an evening well invested.

Our first look at Maestro Gaffigan in action came as the evening kicked off with the Suite from Pelléas et Mélisande, Op. 80 by Gabriel Fauré. The first look proved to be impressive. His work gave no hint of his youth—being born after the release of Star Wars. He adeptly handled the piece and led the orchestra through a good performance of the material, engaging and very listenable.

We were then introduced to Argentine pianist Ingrid Fliter who joined the orchestra for Maurice Ravel's Concerto in G Major for Piano and Orchestra. I have become aware of Ravel only a few years ago and still have limited exposure to his work. (Niki has considerably more experience with piano than I and is consequently more familiar with Ravel, even though she's not particularly a fan.) As the piece began, it clearly revealed the composer's admiration of jazz. Fliter handled the material well, drawing in the audience to share the experience of emotion. The last movement of the piece brought with it a sense of driving forward until the powerful conclusion.

The evening was a success. I was satisfied well enough to be introduced to both Gaffigan and Fliter that I managed the disappointment of being obliged to leave at the intermission and to forego the pleasure of hearing the performance of Prokofiev.

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