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Hedges 2001 Columbia Valley "CMS"

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A lovely Cabernet-Merlot-Syrah blend.

California is well-known as the biggest wine-producing state in the U.S. Sliding into the number two slot is Washington, from which we get the Hedges 2001 Columbia Valley "CMS," an inexpensive and delicious blended red wine.

Available for about $12, Hedges 2001 CMS is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (half), Merlot (45%), Cabernet Franc (3%), and Syrah (2%). In an area called Red Mountain near Benton City, the winery is run by Tom and Anne-Marie Hedges. Only in operation since 1995, Hedges has produced wines that have quickly accumulated a large number of awards.

It's not hard to understand why. The taste is simply excellent, much better than most wines I've tried in this price range. The combination of rich red fruits (cherry and raspberry together) along with an earthy nose hinting at vanilla and oak is quite nice. (I think I picked up some hints at coffee, too, but don't quote me on that.) Its acidity and tannins that come through on the finish make it pair well with a hearty dish.

This is a young wine that significantly improves as it gets some exposure. Open it, pour a little into a nice oversized glass, and give it a chance to breathe. Settle into your seat, ease into your conversation, and start enjoying this unique blend. You'll be happy you did.

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Where can I order the wine?

Posted by Sylvia at 2006-06-12 09:47 PM
I love the wine but have not been able to fine it here in CA other than a lovely eatery. Is it possible to order direct? If not, where can I find the wine in the Monterey, CA area?
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