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Pure Imagination Chocolatier

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Chocolate that goes to eleven.

Hershey's is known for its milk chocolate. Dove is known for making dark chocolate, much preferred by chocolate lovers. Daniel Cooper of Pure Imagination Chocolatier creates unique chocolate experiences that seem to raise ethical questions about whether Hershey's or Dove can rightly claim to have anything to do with chocolate. Words to describe the creations elude me, but Mr. Cooper is clearly an artiste. Perhaps, even, a chocolate hacker.

As I have been known to do, I wandered up to visit Jeni after lunch in the Arena District.

Going to the North Market on Monday is always a bit tricky, because many of the shops are closed, though many others are open. Jeni's is experimenting with the Monday schedule, and was closed on Mondays in February. My disappointment over ice cream was overcome by my delight with Pure Imagination Chocolatier. And I got ice cream on Wednesday, which is the sort of thing that happens when one is of the mindset to have proverbial cake and to eat it, too.

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This article originally appeared on Sunshine Poultry.
Last modified 2004-08-23 04:13 PM
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