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Boeger 2000 El Dorado Cabernet Franc

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In the 1850s many people came from around the world to make a quick fortune in El Dorado county in California's Sierra foothills. Among them was a man by the name of Giovanni Napoleon Lombardo who, along with his sons, arrived from Genoa, Italy in 1857. The pickings must not have been all that he expected. In the early 1860s he had returned to the old family business, joining many other Italian immigrants in establishing a vineyard north of the modern day town of Placerville. While the wine industry in the region has had its ups and downs, this region has seen a resurgence in production beginning in the 1950s but especially into the American wine boom of the 1970s. Lombardo's old home now houses the tasting room of Boeger Winery, one of the regions leading producers.

With an average elevation of about 2700 feet above sea level, El Dorado county is rich in micro-climates that recreate many of the elements of the finest wine producing regions of the world. The rugged mountain terrain with its well drained volcanic and granitic soils boasts both warm sunny summer days and cool summer nights with winds rolling down from the Sierra Nevadas. Producing small grapes with concentrated flavor, this region has built a solid reputation for its reds with a focus on its Zinfandels and Rhône varietals.

Boeger's 2000 Cab Franc, a somewhat unusual grape for the region, is a treat at its price. Medium bodied, medium tannin, semi-dry, this is a good red for most pallets and meals. This wine is characterized by its black cherry and cocoa flavors backed by a lighter vanilla with an even milder green pepper and violet. While its not an old vintage, the acid has mellowed nicely and makes for a fantastically drinkable wine.

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