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Château Fernon Dumes Graves 2001

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Mid-August in Columbus often means miserably hot weather and far too little time to stop and smell the proverbial roses. Thought it probably cannot be credited with the break in the weather, Château Fernon from Bordeaux certainly helped to create a welcome break in the action.

Tuesday, August 16 had all of the makings of a typical summer day in Columbus. I arrived at the office at about six-thirty in the morning, was picked up at seven, and then spent the day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While on the way out there and even for a bit after we arrived, I was on the phone with another client dealing with rather a significant crisis. Then a meeting with both technical and business folks in the room, trying to work out lots of details, a lunch meeting, and then back to the office in Columbus.

One important difference from usual was the weather: unusually low humidity and temperatures that didn't get up past eighty. The weather actually continued to be nice throughout the day and by the evening was nearly perfect for when it was time to unwind.

Niki and I headed to Easton Town Center. While only mildly hungry, we thought we might find our way to Bon Vie for a small dinner. We ended up getting a lovely cheese plate, actually served on a stone. Maytag Blue Cheese, manchego, and Stilton, as well as slices of apple and baguette. While intended as an appetizer, it makes for a lovely bite to eat if you're aiming for a very light meal.

Not wishing to overpower the cheese with a big, strong wine, we opted for something a bit lighter, a Bordeaux known as Château Fernon Dumes Graves 2001. Although slightly concerned about whether the wine might be too light, it did stand up well and complement the taste of the cheeses. It had a nice earthy nose, melting away evenly on the palate, with a smooth finish.

As we sat talking at a small table outside, people walked around the square. Others sat by the fountain in the middle of the square, and every once in a while, some pinhead would drive around the square, apparently scoping for betties in some pimped-out car with more money wrapped up in accessories for the car than in the car itself. Fortunately everyone pretty much ignored them and they gave up even before starting a second lap.

While we worked our way through the cheese, fruit, bread, and wine, the shadows grew longer and the stress of late summer melted away.

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