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Penn Brewery (Pittsburgh)

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A late-spring lunch in Pittsburgh.

If the numbers mattered, I would have brought a thermometer. Summer was fast approaching, but its oppressive heat had not yet arrived. One of my favorite perks of having a practice that spans the whole country is that not only do I work with a wide variety of people, but I enjoy a wide variety of experience. Business on this particular day took me to the north side of Pittsburgh, the neighborhood of Deutschtown in particular.

After a comfortable walk from my morning meeting, I made my way around the nineteenth-century brick complex, stepping down into a picturesque biergarten. I found a seat there under a large tent and settled in at just before one in the afternoon.

Though I generally prefer stout to lager, I heeded the sage advice that we've all heard: When in Deutschtown, do as the Deutschtowners. I ordered the award-winning Penn Dark, brewed right there on site.

To go along with it, I ordered a Bleu Max—char-grilled eight-ounce hamburger topped with Bleu cheese, coleslaw, sliced red onion (which I opted to forego) and smoked bacon. As advertised, it came open-faced on a thick-sliced marble rye bread. It was absolutely perfect.

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