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Renaissance Cabernet Sauvignon "Estate" 1997

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Bold is beautiful.

Renaissance Cabernet In the January 31, 1996 issue of Wine Spectator, Matt Kramer wrote that "Renaissance is California's best-kept Cabernet secret." While the secret might not be so well-kept today, we're told that this Cab is still "a sleeper" -- not a lot of people realize how good it is. And it can be had for a fairly reasonable price.

In August 2003, the 1997 vintage was going for $35 at a wine-friendly restaurant, meaning that I'd expect to be able to pick it up at a wine store for $18-20. That said, I actually had very little success finding prices for this particular vintage online.

Upon first opening, the wine's strength was evident. It starts out quite tannic, but seems to mellow after it has had some time to breathe. Its flavor remains bold and powerful. Beware, if you're eating with something that doesn't have some strength this wine will completely overpower it. My lasagna (with chicken and pork sausage, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese) stood up to it quite well. Even my salad (spinach, chopped egg, sweet and sour bacon vinaigrette, and Gorgonzola cheese) didn't have its flavor overrun by the wine. Had I opted for fish, things might have turned out differently.

This is a wine that I probably have three or four times per year. Every time I have another bottle, I remember why I keep going back for more.

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