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VF Lasira 2002 at Salmon Dave's

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"75% Syrah, 25% Granache, 0% Cork."

While recently in the Cleveland area, Niki and I went to Salmon Dave's Pacific Grille in Rocky River with my parents.

Niki and I generally avoid dining out on Friday and Saturday evenings because the crowds tend to be just a bit much to take and we don't like to be a source of annoyance to the management and staff by our multi-hour dining adventures. What is received with pleasure on Monday isn't necessarily even going to fly on Friday. Nevertheless, we were in town for a particular reason and it could not be avoided. We went a bit late; it was a bit after nine before we were seated.

The restaurant was busy but not unpleasantly overcrowded; I suspect that a few hours earlier, the story would be rather different. The atmosphere was pleasant, with lights relatively low, lots of dark wood on the interior, and nice separation among the various parts of the restaurant. I hate when everything is in one huge room and what noise is made at one end can be heard at the other end.

We looked over the wine list and were happy to see that it had nice variety. Niki chose something we hadn't seen before: VF Lasira 2002. The wine menu noted, “75% Syrah, 25% Granache, 0% Cork.” Sure enough, the label proclaimed exactly the same thing.

When the wine was presented to Niki, I noticed that it had a screwtop and figured that it was probably an American wine with a French name. Only then did the description click; I wasn't yet fully engaged with the dining experience. The back label also had quotes from various reviews like Wine Spectator. The marketing looks very, well, American. Much to my surprise, it turns out to be quite French; I don't know that I had ever before seen a French wine with a non-cork stopper. At the very least it certainly is progressive in a way that is rare to see from any vintner in Europe.

The wine was lovely; nice nose, spicy, I thought. After a bit of time with it, I settled on its description as spicy and earthy, as well as (to a lesser degree) fruity. I paired with it the centercut filet mignon: char-grilled (medium) with roasted garlic mashers and broccoli florets. It was an excellent match and an excellent meal.

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