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Pine in My Wine

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What do you get when you let two blondes ferment your grapes? Pine in your wine!
I had the pleasure of trying a new wine this week. It was a bottle of red from the Two Blondes Estate vinyard made at Andrew Will's winery in the Pacific Northwest. It was fifty-five percent cabernet savignon, forty-five percent merlot. This was the first release of wine from the vinyard by Will's winery, the 2002 vintage. All-in-all, it was the most unusual combination of flavors I've ever tasted in a wine. The bouquet was overwhelmed by the scent of pine. The palette was even more unusual. Unfortunately, the first thing that came to mind was cough syrup. But another sip finished so tart. Sweet-tart! My wine was a pine scented sweet tart.

It became more of a pleasure to drink with a little time to breath and when drunk with food. But I couldn't help giggle that this wine experience wrought a blonde joke.

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