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Rescue Car on the Moon

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Contributed fiction.


There are three types of cars: a rescue car, a speedy car, and a blue hot car. Rescue cars are really fast and they can fly and rescue people. That’s everything that a rescue car can do to help. The rescue car is made out of solid wood.

Speedy car has the extra speed. It can do everything that a rescue car can do. The speedy car always has to be in front because he’s always faster than any of the other cars.

Blue hot car is blue and has fire on the sides and his tires are hot when he goes. He can do everything that a rescue car and a speedy car can do.

They can all do exactly the same thing. The rescue car is better flying, though. The speedy car is a little faster. And the blue hot car can lift its wheels up really high so if a big truck is in front it can just go over it.

That’s everything you need to know about those cars. This is a story about the rescue car.


Rescue missions are always dangerous. There is fighting with bad guys and guns and light sabers and stuff like that. I want to tell you about one rescue mission in particular. It all started last Thursday when the bell rang at one o'clock.

Do you know what a rescue car driver has on his costume? It's a yellow shirt that has a rescue car on it.

And the man that drives the blue hot car has a blue hot car on his shirt.

The speedy car guy has a speedy car shirt.

As I said, the bell went off at one o'clock. That means someone is in trouble and needs help. There's nothing that can stop a rescue car.

The drivers put on their costumes and got into their cars. Astronauts had called and needed help to fix their rockets. The mission was dangerous because of the engines.

The rescue car flew with its two humungous engines to the launch pad on the moon. When the rescue car arrived the astronauts asked, “Did you bring any tools?”

“Yes,” replied the rescue car driver. “We also brought a mechanic.”

The mechanic got right to work. It took him about fifty minutes to fix the engine. “All fixed,” said the mechanic proudly.

Since the astronauts were so grateful for the help, they loaded the rescue car team into their spaceship. And the countdown began.

Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two...


One... Blastoff!

Slowly the ship lifted from the launchpad. The engines worked flawlessly.

“We're heading back to Earth,” said one of the astronauts into his radio.

“Roger!” said the mission control man. When the spaceship returned back to Earth, everyone went inside and had a cup of tea.

The end.

Created by cmcurtin
Contributors : Alex Curtin, age 4, wrote this story.
Last modified 2011-11-21 10:54 AM
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