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Smelling Christmas

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This would be another attempt at nanofiction if it weren't wholly true. I therefore offer creative nanononfiction, in one hundred words.

Bath & Body Works was packed. While I waited just inside, an attractive blonde woman in a red apron sidled up next to me. “Are you thrilled to be here?”

“Perfectly delighted.”

“Someone drag you in here?”

“Not really; I was asked and agreed.”

“Want to smell like Christmas?”

“Tempting...” An obese man dressed for the arctic while moving fast enough to visit every house in the world overnight would sweat. “...but, no. Thank you.”

She waved a bit of hand cream under my nose. “At least try the scent.”

“Smells Christmasy.”

“You like that?”

“Makes me thrilled to be here.”

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Last modified 2006-11-13 07:58 AM
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