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My New Hobby

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I've started a new hobby: crochet. Many people view crochet as something that is only done by grandmothers but I have found it to be a relaxing, popular hobby by men and women all sorts of ages. I was amazed after I begun doing it how many people told me stories of other people how did and many were men. It is something that seems to have a unfair stigma attached to it but I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested.

Weaving, embroidery and knitting have been practiced for centuries in different cultures. Crochet as we know it didn't come to be until the 18th century though lace making had been around for centuries before this. I looked at two web sites about the history of crochet and they seemed to have very different stories about its origins:

The one thing they seem to agree on is that the origin of crochet is mysterious There are similar crafts from a variety of cultures so it is hard to state one particular place from which it originated. The industrial revolution though, brought about the changes that made the craft accessible to the public. There seems to be many books on the subject which can enlighten the reader to the many different influences.

My particular interest in crochet began as a child. I was always interested in various crafts and tried my hand at latch hook, knitting, sewing, dollmaking, crochet and needle point, just to name the ones that I can come up with off the top of my head. My problem came in that I always had a hard time finishing anything that I started. Even to this day, I have half finished dresses, a cross stitch that I have been working on for about 15 years and latch hook kits that never even got out of the box.

So when a friend of mine invited me over to show me how to crochet again, I was slightly hesitant to accept the invitation as I was usure that I wanted to start another project that I wouldn't finish. (I didn't even have to buy anything to start as I had four skeins of yarn and an entire range of crochet hooks in my possession. Yes, remnants from earlier projects.) I agreed to the visit but advised my friend of my history. She was not deterred and was determined that I would finish what I started. I looked through her many patterns and of course picked out ones she thought was to hard for a beginner. So she got me started with a couple of stitches that were basic enough for me to remember and I set out to make a scarf. I really had my doubts as to whether I would finish this project either due to the ferocious headache that I had by the time I left. But the next day I picked it up again and did a few more rows. I soon discovered that crocheting can be a very relaxing and calming thing to do. I finished my first skein of yarn and examined my accomplishment. It had character is all I can say for it. It certainly didn't look like what I had planned. But I found it so relaxing that I started on the second skein. I have now completed all of the yarn and have decided to create a blanket and give it as a gift. My friend laughs at me because she has made five afghans in the same time period but I am undeterred as I am pretty confident that this is one project that I will actually finish. I do believe that crochet is a craft that I will continue with now that I have found how relaxing it is. So next time someone says that it is something that only grandmothers do you can rest assured that that is not the case.

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