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As a general rule, being sick is no fun. I mean, really, how much fun can you possibly have when your head hurts, stomach hurts, you feel dizzy, and all of that rot? Usually the only good thing that comes from being sick is that you can get some peace. Work, school, and other institutions that you find demanding your time and attention will quit bugging you for a while. Even people who like you tend not to want to be around if there's some chance that they're going to wear a post-processed bit of your most recent meal.

Generally speaking, being sick like this is the opposite of fun. Even though you manage to get the peace you want, you don't really get to do anything that you might want to do. In the void of demands will fit... well, nothing. Even with lots of time on your hands while you recover, you're having no fun. (For those inclined to wonder, a migraine fits squarely in this category.)

Fun is something that we all understand. It has something to do with having the time to do just what you want and actually doing it. The problem is that for the most part, fun is something that you can have only when you're well, since being sick entails not being able to do things.

There is a lovely state between being sick and in perfect health that emerges when combined with other such circumstances. I call it fun-sick. It requires some illness or other, preferably the sort that might be contagious but doesn't really much affect how you feel. The bad news here, of course, is that this usually comes only after a period of time where you do feel well and truly terrible. As long as you can sit still and not feel bad, you're set.

The next requirement is that it requires wanting to do something quiet, indoors, and relatively relaxing. In a nutshell, I mean the sort of thing that you're likely to do in order to pass the time recuperating from illness. Some good options include watching movies, reading, and sometimes just thinking.

My final requirement is a matter of some debate, but one that I think critical to proper fun-sickness: food. I don't mean having some hoity-toity gourmet meal catered. (That's the sort of thing for when you're actually well.) In my case, the perfect food for the fun-sick state is grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. This works best when it's cold outside, preferably with about fifty-four feet of snow on the ground. (Scratch that; if there's that much snow I can blow everything off while being perfectly well...let's just stick with cold, which will make for a nice contrast with the hot soup.)

With all of these elements satisfied, you're ready for a day of being fun-sick. Properly executed, fun-sickness is an excellent way to recover from what ails you so you can get back to the business of living.

Created by cmcurtin
Last modified 2005-12-19 04:21 PM

fun is as fun does

Posted by lnewton at 2005-12-19 04:10 PM
Perhaps the real key to fun is working things out so that
what we have to do on a daily basis is exactly what
we would do under any circumstances. That would obviate
the need for sickness as a prerequisite for fun.

Oh wait a minute, they already have a name for that: retirement.

Who's idea was this?

Posted by abbyp at 2005-12-23 10:55 PM
I know exactly what you mean. Time at home sick--not too sick--is the only time I can well and truly relax, which is a shame. Only then do I have the only good excuse to blow off everything guilt-free. In fact, I know what you mean so well that I almost feel plagiarized. ...but that's not possible, since I'm not the one who took the time to share my ideas. Thank you for sharing.

guinness book (mmmm guinness)

Posted by shaner93 at 2006-01-03 08:45 AM
A few days before this was posted I think I set a fun-sick day world record of 6 movies.

Of course this was the day after my record setting performance of trips to the restroom battling food poisoning.

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