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Perhaps somewhat surprising to those who know me or are familiar with me professionally, I have almost completely avoided the discussion of technical matters on Ergo Sum and relatively rarely talk about my writing projects. I have plenty of venues for publishing and do try to keep them organized by topic.

Technical publications typically find their way on to Writings related to some of that work typically will find its way (for a different audience) to the Interhack corporate site. And of course, I maintain a page around my academic work at Ohio State. The content and body of work for these are all related, but each addressing a different audience.

Of course, Ergo Sum has been a means for me to explore other topics that interest me but aren't necessarily going to overlap with the interests of people who visit any of my other sites. Contrary to what some silly persons might assert, I don't believe that I'm the center of the universe and consequently recognize that there aren't so many people interested in me though they might be interested in some of what I have written on a particular topic. Even here, I separate my writings into wine and food, observation, reading, and opinion.

I'll be adding to all of this one more channel: a blog at Amazon, directed to the readers of my books. There, I'll have a little more freedom to write about privacy, security, and computing issues as an individual, not to be confused with a representative of any organization. Writing about writing projects will likely also find its way there. I expect that I'll be posting something there once monthly. As for my choice of the channel, it's the one that makes the most sense given the context. I have been using Amazon for a while, even reposting some of my reviews there. I'm comfortable with how information is presented there, that it makes sense for buyers, and ultimately is an effective method to reach the right audience at the right time.

Writing here will continue as normal; there's now just one more channel to find me if privacy, security, computing, and similar topics interest you.

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