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Boeger 2000 El Dorado Cabernet Franc

In the 1850s many people came from around the world to make a quick fortune in El Dorado county in California's Sierra foothills. Among them was a man by the name of Giovanni Napoleon Lombardo who, along with his sons, arrived from Genoa, Italy in 1857. The pickings must not have been all that he expected. In the early 1860s he had returned to the old family business, joining many other Italian immigrants in establishing a vineyard north of the modern day town of Placerville. While the wine industry in the region has had its ups and downs, this region has seen a resurgence in production beginning in the 1950s but especially into the American wine boom of the 1970s. Lombardo's old home now houses the tasting room of Boeger Winery, one of the regions leading producers.

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Ergo Sum Comes Online

A Web community about the things that make us who we are has come online. With sections dedicated to thought, wine, reading, and the things we see, Ergo Sum seeks to create an environment where we can share the experience of life.

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